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Using Exam Data for Scholarly Activities

November 1, 2017 Dan Thompson

Using Exam Data for Scholarly Activities

Recently, Dan Thompson, Manager of Instructional Design and Educational Technology for Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences, discussed ways to utilize quantitative data to promote data-driven decisions for faculty development, promotion, and tenure.

The key takeaways from his presentation include:

  1. Exam data can be used as supporting data for educational research as well as promotion and tenure for faculty.

  2. To get optimal exam data sets, educators need to first identify and categorize what they would like to review/study.

  3. Longitudinal reporting provides programs with quantitative proof that classroom instruction is positively affecting student outcomes.

Exam statistics are far more than an evaluation of student knowledge and retention. Assessment data provide limitless insights into curricular structure, our performance as instructors, and teaching methods. While there is great utility in reviewing how we can improve our teaching and assessment methods, we are selling ourselves short as professionals if we stop there. The robust statistics that can be extracted from student assessment can also be used for scholarly research projects and to prove our successes in the classroom. This presentation will address the process of utilizing ExamSoft categorization techniques to both harness useful exam statistics and then apply them in data-driven research projects—creating scholarly activities to build a professional portfolio and prepare for promotion and tenure.

“By having quantitative data that your students are learning and your teaching methods are working is extremely powerful proof to use for both professional promotion and tenure."

To view a PDF copy of the presentation, please click here.


About the Author

Dan  Thompson

Dan holds a Master of Science in Technology Enhanced Learning and a Bachelor of Science in Adolescent/Young Adult Education from the University of Dayton. His background as a secondary-level educator drives his research and professional interests, including the appropriate use of summative and formative assessment and how the data they produce can be used to positively impact teaching and learning. An ExamSoft client for over eight years, Dan currently is the Senior Manager of Education and Assessment at ExamSoft. His background includes assisting faculty at Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences and Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine in course design and development, while also introducing new methods of utilizing educational technology in assessment and instruction to create a learner-centered environment.

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