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Retiring Exam Questions? How to Use These Items in Formative Assessments

May 3, 2018 Dan Thompson

Retiring Exam Questions? How to Use These Items in Formative Assessments

Recently, Dan Thompson, Manager of Instructional Design and Educational Technology of Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences, discusses how ExamSoft's capabilities can help create and develop better formative assessments.

The key takeaways from the presentation include:

  1. Use of formative assessment can improve student outcomes, student self-awareness, and faculty awareness of student knowledge.

  2. Item analytics can help identify which retired items are best to use in formative assessments.

  3. Methods of formative assessment can be done inside or outside the classroom to engage students with course content, reinforce concepts, or transition to new material.

As semesters come and go, new exams are created and used items are retired, never to be used again. While moving on to new exam items due to poor performing statistics or to ensure exam security are sound practices, these retired items can still positively impact student learning. Retired summative assessment items can serve new purposes as formative assessment items that engage students with course content while preparing them for course exams. This presentation addresses the process of using retired exam items in creative ways to develop formative assessments to increase student self-awareness of their content knowledge and improve student retention.

“As our curricula and teaching methods evolve, we should also evolve our assessment items."

To view a PDF copy of the presentation, please click here


About the Author

Dan  Thompson

Dan holds a Master of Science in Technology Enhanced Learning and a Bachelor of Science in Adolescent/Young Adult Education from the University of Dayton. His background as a secondary-level educator drives his research and professional interests, including the appropriate use of summative and formative assessment and how the data they produce can be used to positively impact teaching and learning. An ExamSoft client for over eight years, Dan currently is the Senior Manager of Education and Assessment at ExamSoft. His background includes assisting faculty at Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences and Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine in course design and development, while also introducing new methods of utilizing educational technology in assessment and instruction to create a learner-centered environment.

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