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Psychometrics 101: Know What Your Assessment Data is Telling You

March 14, 2017

Psychometrics 101: Know What Your Assessment Data Is Telling You

Recently, Eric Ermie, Executive Director of Sales for ExamSoft Worldwide, discussed the fundamentals of item analysis and the steps involved in placing data into its proper context in his webinar, “Psychometrics 101: Know What Your Assessment Data Is Telling You.”

The key takeaways from his presentation include:

  1. There are many exam data points that can be used for item analysis and revision.

  2. Item analysis data points can be interpreted in many different ways; educators should remember that context is important when considering the data.

  3. ExamSoft's embedded assessment platform can aggregate this information for educators so they can make more informed decisions regarding exam content.


Ermie’s presentation provides insight into interpreting exam statistics and the importance of deciphering analytical data from the perspective of your program’s specific needs. He uses examples of item analysis reports to explain functions of common exam statistics, including item difficulty, discrimination index, and point biserial.

“I’m against any hard and fast rules when it comes to item analysis; there are various ways to interpret psychometrics depending on your specific needs."

To view a PDF copy of the presentation, please click here.


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