Psychometrics 101: Know What Your Assessment Data is Telling You - 02.13.18

January 24, 2018 Jacob Catalano
Upcoming Webinar
Date/Time: Tuesday, February 13, 3:00pm - 4:00pm ET
Speakers: Eric Ermie, Vice President of Sales, ExamSoft

Keep it? Throw it out? Content/teaching issue? Bad question? Too easy? Too hard? What the heck? More than likely you have asked some or all of these questions at one point or another when trying to understand the performance of questions on an assessment. With differing opinions on how to interpret the statistics provided, how do you know what all this data is trying to tell you? Join us for a webinar on the fundamentals of item analysis, how the data is derived, and the different ways they can be interpreted. This presentation will cover how to put data into a useful context that will allow you to draw your own conclusions on what it means, how you should apply them, and why you should ignore rules that others may use for their specific situation.

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Presented by: Eric Ermie is the Vice President of Sales for ExamSoft Worldwide, and an advocate for finding smart ways to use technology for the assessment of student learning. In his previous role as the Program Manager for Assessment and Evaluation at the Ohio State University College of Medicine, Eric learned the value of using exam data to provide students with individualized feedback on their performance. He now uses his experience in higher ed. assessment to help other institutions deploy these tactics for the betterment of student and curricular performance as well. Eric has had research on the assessment of student learning published within the United States, and has presented his findings to higher education forums both nationally and internationally. When not rocking the assessment world, Eric enjoys spending his time with his family, and watching his Buckeyes win championships.

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