Category "Hacks": Non-traditional item categorization strategies to maximize the use of exam data - 07.12.17

June 5, 2017 Mallory Stein
Upcoming Webinar
Date/Time: Wednesday, July 12, 1:00pm - 2:00pm ET
Speakers: Dan Thompson, Manager of Instructional Design and Educational Technology, Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences

The use of embedded assessment can provide a wealth of informative student and exam performance statistics to educators. ExamSoft's category feature eases this process, and allows for the aggregation and distribution of exam data to various stake holders. However, while robust, the category feature has limitations as to which data can be extracted from assessment items. Enter category "hacks." Perceived program limitations can be identified and quantified through the creative use of item categorization, which can produce the data needed to fully understand curricular and student performance, the use of other technology programs, and more. This presentation will address the idea that appropriately applying these non-traditional category "hacks" in a meaningful and efficient way will lead to greater access to the data needed to positively impact your curriculum and, most importantly, student outcomes.

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Presented by: Dan currently assists faculty at Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences in course design and development, while also introducing new methods of utilizing educational technology in the curriculum to create a learner-centered environment. Additionally, he instructs faculty in implementing appropriate assessments and the use of sound pedagogical strategies in and across the curriculum. He holds a Master of Science in Technology Enhanced Learning and a Bachelor of Science in Adolescent/Young Adult Education from the University of Dayton. His background as a secondary level educator drives his research and professional interests is appropriate use of summative and formative assessments and the date they produce. His background includes serving as Education Innovations and Learning Design Manager at Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine where he assisted with the implementation of active learning principles in preparation for a curricular change.


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