Data-Driven Educational Assessment Using Longitudinal Analysis

November 27, 2017 Mitchell Law


The information age has brought with it a new focus in data-driven educational assessment. With this newly shifted focus also comes new challenges for today’s educational institutions. One of the more tedious challenges educators face is measuring how their teaching methods and course design are quantitatively impacting student learning. ExamSoft’s solution to this challenge is our Longitudinal Analysis report. The Longitudinal Analysis report gives educators an easy way to track and report on curriculum, course, and student performance over time.


Longitudinal Analysis reporting works by giving educators elastic filters to personalize the data they want to measure:


  • Primary Filter—Educators select date ranges and identify specific faculty and courses

  • Secondary Filter—Educators then choose the assessment types, which specific assessments they want measured, and whether or not to include rubrics

  • Final Filter—Finally, educators select specific categories, exam taker groups, and specific exam takers

The impact of such a wide data range on assessment can be seen in many different ways.


ExamSoft’s Longitudinal Analysis reporting empowers educators to gauge curriculum from a broad perspective. Educators can use ExamSoft’s Longitudinal Analysis reporting to see how often learning objectives and outcomes are being taught and assessed across their programs. With this process in place, faculty can make sure students are being assessed adequately on the subjects and skills they’re required to know for subsequent courses, board exams, and within their chosen professions.

“One of ExamSoft’s greatest potentials for extracting meaningful data is the longitudinal analysis report. The data that one can pull from the longitudinal analysis report can essentially be a mechanism for change in a program’s student performance and curriculum.”
—Jayzona Alberto, MS, BA, CHES, Academic and Digital Media Manager, Western University of Health Sciences, College of Dental Medicine


Data created by Longitudinal Analysis reporting tells instructors a story. Professors and administrators can interpret the data story and make adjustments according to where they see gaps in teaching, question, and course performance. Professors and administrators gain the ability to refine and develop teaching strategies to help better speak to the student, course, and curriculum level.  


Accreditation is not a simple process, but with Longitudinal Analysis, it can be easier. ExamSoft’s Longitudinal Analysis reporting provides accreditors proof that your institution is both teaching and assessing what you say you are. Use data from Longitudinal Analysis to track what you teach and make accreditation visits smooth and uncomplicated.


The cascade of value that longitudinal analysis brings to educational programs doesn’t stop with just educators and administrators; it also includes students. Educators can use data from ExamSoft’s Longitudinal Analysis reporting to help narrow down underperforming and at-risk students for speedy remediation. But at-risk students aren’t the only students who stand to gain value from longitudinal analysis reporting. High-performing students can also be provided the data to identify topics where they need improvement, bringing the value for students full circle.     

The educational program benefits gained from using ExamSoft’s Longitudinal Analysis reports are substantial. Don’t wait until tomorrow to make better informed decisions on curricula and student remediation—schedule a demo with us today.

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