Choosing a Comprehensive Exam Creation and Assessment Tool

November 13, 2018 Mallory Stein

Student Deserve Better—Provide Them with the Best Assessment Tool

We’re now in the data-driven decision-making era. In education, this means we have the increasing responsibility to use meaningful data to improve our curricula, instruction, and student outcomes. That’s right, collecting the basic data on exam performance provided by many learning management systems is no longer good enough—data now needs to become actionable. Wondering where to start?

Enter real student assessment data.

ExamSoft provides student assessment performance data that are full of impactful information. How? Let’s handle this in list form:

  1. Exam Security and Integrity

Assessment data is truly valuable only with the appropriate level of exam security. Therefore, using a secure exam software, including an exam tool that completely restricts internet connectivity during exams, is vital to the assessment process. ExamSoft provides this unparalleled level of security through testing in an internet-restricted environment—students need only Wi-Fi access before and after exams to complete the exam-taking process.

  1. Exam Question Performance

Are your exam items valid and reliable? Do your questions behave the way you anticipated them to? Student performance data from exam items can be used as a mechanism to measure whether your items are achieving their goals. Simply knowing the percentage of students who answered questions correctly is only a fraction of the process. Using the in-depth data ExamSoft provides for each item delivers the data needed to truly evaluate your questions in a meaningful way to improve your item writing AND student performance.

  1. Longitudinal Data

Student assessment data on an exam-by-exam basis is a powerful tool in helping to evaluate your courses and instruction. Don’t stop there though—longitudinal reporting in ExamSoft allows you to look at student performance across your curriculum and identify trends. Again … don’t stop there! Longitudinal data from across the curriculum also provides valuable insight when evaluating curricular performance and mapping for accreditation. The same categories used to evaluate individual exam item performance can be used to track data over any period of time you want.

  1. Student-Specific Data

Improving student outcomes is the most significant effect of aggregating student assessment data. By delivering more specific feedback on individual exams while also allowing for longitudinal tracking, ExamSoft provides the information needed to have a true influence on student outcomes. This data can be distributed immediately after each assessment to allow students to self-assess and create a targeted study plan, while also giving faculty and/or academic advisers the information needed to provide a focused remediation plan when necessary.

  1. Real Rubrics Data


To obtain performance evaluation data that makes an impact beyond the actual student score, in-line feedback from the rubric used is needed. ExamSoft’s Rubrics tool allows each row or criteria to be tagged to the same categories as multiple-choice items. That’s right—this means student assessment data is available right after each evaluation to have an immediate effect on student learning while also providing the ability to track student performance over time longitudinally.


Learn more about how ExamSoft’s comprehensive assessment tool and reporting capabilities can provide students with the data they need to excel throughout their academic careers.


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