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Using ExamSoft Data to Prepare For and Ease the Accreditation Process

April 13, 2017 Ashley Castleberry

Using ExamSoft Data to Prepare for and Ease the Accreditation Process    

Recently, Dr. Kimberly Daugherty, Dr. Ashley Castleberry, and Dr. Leah Simpson, discussed how educators can use ExamSoft’s assessment data to document students’ master of accreditation standards in their webinar, “Using ExamSoft Data to Prepare for and Ease the Accreditation Process.”

The key takeaways from the presentation include:

1.  ExamSoft’s longitudinal reports fit the autonomy support model by allowing educators to feed up, feed back, and feed forward to help students improve.

2. End-of-exam reports provide students with insight into learning patterns that they cannot get from the simple release of a score.

3. When reviewing longitudinal assessment reports, noting both student and course performance allows for the most effective improvements to be made to ensure learning success.

The presentation gives insight into using ExamSoft’s in-depth data to deliver feedback and engage students in learning improvement with longitudinal reporting. Also, specific steps toward using feedback to foster student autonomy are given to help educators provided an engaging learning environment.

"In order for students to be motivated, they should feel connected, competent, and as though the have a choice in the learning process.”

View a PDF copy of the presentation. 

About the Author

Ashley  Castleberry

Ashley Castleberry is a Customer Strategist for ExamSoft and previous Director of Assessment at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences College of Pharmacy in Little Rock, Arkansas. After completing her Doctor of Pharmacy degree, she obtained a Master of Arts in Higher Education for Health Professions Teaching and Learning. She currently works at ExamSoft to help clients get the most from the assessment platform.

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