Everybody In: Aligning Faculty and Administrators to New Assessment Practices

August 13, 2015

We all know that for programmatic and/or institutional assessment to be truly effective, faculty members need the support of administrators and admins need faculty to be onboard with new practices and processes. But some things are easier said than done. In reality, aligning faculty and administrators to new assessment practices often brings unthought-of challenges that can actually stand in the way of implementing effective strategies for assessing student learning and programmatic and/or institutional development. In this webinar, which aired Tuesday, Feb. 11 from 3-4pm ET, Dr. Jennifer Matthews, Assistant Professor, and Dr. Jane Souza, Assistant Dean of Assessment, both of St. John Fisher College, will discuss how they have managed to overcome these challenges. At St. John Fisher, faculty and admins work together to create a highly functioning team of both faculty and administrators who all "do" student learning outcomes assessment, and they're all on the same page about how to go about "doing" so. Join us to learn about hurdles they have had to overcome, processes they have had to implement, and--most importantly--how they have managed to work together to cultivate the culture of assessment that most programs and institutions so desire to grow on their own as well.

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