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May 2, 2016 Christy Terry

Implementing ExamSoft as a tool to improve student learning while fostering programmatic success is one of the best decisions an educator can make. Not only are you investing in a world-class assessment tool, but you’re also receiving an amazing support system that keeps you updated on all things ExamSoft! The ExamSoft Worldwide Community is a great place to share and connect with other Examplify users. Our community features complementary information provided by your peers and colleagues as well as ExamSoft support staff. Joining is simple and the benefits are endless.

Product Info & Updates - Keep up with the latest ExamSoft news including software updates, upcoming webinars, and conference news!

Multiple Category Support Index - Support hubs for issues regarding assessments, exam takers, reports, and more.

Institutional Support Index - Find solutions to any assessment issues based on your specific program.

Support for Common Issues - Support staff and ExamSoft champions address frequently asked questions and common concerns.

User Tips and Best Practices - Our clients are world class and have an amazing repository of tips, tricks, and best practices for software use, as well as assessment in general.

Access to Related Content - Webinars, release notes, ExamSoft University, and more at the click of your mouse.

Directory - Search our directory for fellow ExamSoft champions and support staff.

Now that you’ve joined a world-class team of ExamSoft users, why not join them in a community that supports your efforts and keeps you tuned in? Join today at!

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