Assessment Resources for Nursing Education

July 15, 2015 Kristen Hicks

While the core tenets of education stay the same, the tools and methods educators use to work toward the best results for students continue to evolve. For today’s nursing school faculty and administrators, part of the job is finding and using the best resources available to help them meet their educational goals.

You may have a hard time fitting in that part of the job when classes are in session, so your summer respite is the perfect time to dig in. To help, we’ve collected many useful and relevant resources for nursing education so you can peruse them in one place. Many of your peers are finding innovative and effective ways to make computer-based testing and assessment work for them. Take a few minutes to read about their results, and you may come away inspired with new ideas for your own institution.

Ideas for Better Assessment in Nursing Schools

Webinar: Infusing Technology into a School of Nursing
Technology is an unavoidable part of the nursing profession. All of the nursing students in your school will be expected to use technology in their jobs every day. Computers, iPads, and systems like LINCOR and WEBHIS are regular features in how hospitals are run today. At Holy Name Medical Center School of Nursing, the administration determined that to properly prepare students for their future jobs, they needed to incorporate more technology into their education. In this webinar, Dr. Barbara Blackwell discusses the iPad initiative at her nursing school and the benefits that came with it.

Webinar: Using the NCLEX Blueprint as a Guide for Formative Assessment
So much of how we measure student achievement in nursing school rests on that one big test: the NCLEX. Making sure your students are prepared come test day has to be a priority. The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) provides some information about what to expect on the test each year—information a nursing school can use to make sure students gain all the knowledge and competencies they need to pass. Sherri Graves from the baccalaureate program at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences College of Nursing talks about how her institution used the NCLEX blueprint to guide day-to-day testing and assessment efforts to achieve better NCLEX results.

Blog Post: Methods of Creating a Successful Outcome Structure
No matter how hard you work to write the perfect exam questions, you won’t get what you need from them if you don’t have a good structure in place to measure student learning. Michelle Cruz shares the process used by the Nurse-Midwifery Program at Oregon Health and Science University to better measure student learning outcomes against core course objectives.

Case Study: How One School Drastically Increased Student Learning Outcomes and Programmatic Effectiveness
In 2008, the LVN to ADN nursing program at Texas State Technical College West Texas was facing a fate all nursing schools fear—the threat of losing their accreditation. Their NCLEX pass rates were too low. They needed to figure out a way to improve student learning results. They decided to review the whole curriculum and devise a system to better track which educational strategies were working and which needed improvement. With a new commitment to assessment and a better process for analyzing curriculum results and student needs, the nursing school brought their NCLEX pass rates up to 100%.

Many of these initiatives and improvements were possible because of ExamSoft. Technology is just one small part of the larger effort to help nursing students realize their career goals, but it can play a useful role. If you want to learn more about how ExamSoft can help you meet the educational goals of your nursing school, sign up for a demo of how it works.


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