Celebrating the 19th Year of Using a Computer to Take the Bar Exam

Twenty years ago, ExamSoft was founded as a secure way for bar applicants to have the ability to type (instead of hand writing) their exams. Last week marks the 19th consecutive July bar exam where Examplify, the bar applicant testing platform has been provided by ExamSoft. This month, Examplify will be used to host the exam for 38 jurisdictions. Each of these events will entail thousands of applicants and thousands of exam files—all while providing an unparalleled level of exam security and stability for users.

The successful execution of this July bar can be directly attributed to the rigorous testing processes that the Examplify software is put through leading up to the release of our bar-ready version. Our teams performed mock bar day exams and onsite issues to be proactively prepared for any kind of unexpected event—from power outages to acts of God—and updated our infrastructure and team management to handle this enormous volume of exams.

"Thank you guys so much for the people you've sent … everyone from ExamSoft was so helpful, and whatever you did to Examplify is absolutely amazing!"

- July 2018 Bar Applicant

This testing rigor forced us to make some hard decisions. For instance, when Apple released the latest MacBook Pro less than a week before the exam date with hardware that could have potentially interfered with exam integrity, ExamSoft made the tough call not to push out a minimally tested update to our software. This approach was clearly the right choice as it precluded any MacBook Pro issues for exam takers—we’re proud to say that our software produced a stellar exam experience for all applicants. ExamSoft’s partnership with Apple continues to strengthen and now includes a process to test Examplify on new hardware release launches. We look forward to growing our partnership with both Apple and Microsoft and plan to continue to focus on our large-scale testing events, as we continue to enhance the user experience for all device types.

Most importantly, we would like to extend a hearty, “congratulations!” to all applicants who have made it through this week of the bar exam, which can be a very taxing and stressful time in the pursuit of their career in law. With over two decades of experience in hosting bar exams, ExamSoft knows that this is not an easy feat—and we’re proud to be even a small part of your journey. We look forward to working with all of our jurisdictions who continue to partner with us and place their trust in our services.


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