Bloom’s Taxonomy (Part 1): Bloom’s Basics

September 12, 2016 Christy Terry

As the semester begins, it’s important that educators keep a close eye on their curriculum. Measuring the strength of learning objectives, as well as whether they properly resonate with students, is a must for effective learning. How can these measurements be achieved? Well, the foundational educational philosophy of Bloom’s Taxonomy is a great place to start.

Named after Benjamin Bloom, the chair of the philosophy’s founding committee of educators, Bloom’s Taxonomy consists of six levels of cognition that classify a student’s relationship to assigned learning objectives.


  • Creating – Is your student able to present a new perspective of what has been taught?
  • Evaluating – Is your student able to properly evaluate and justify a position on what has been   taught?
  • Analyzing – Can your student compare and contrast different areas of a particular subject?
  • Applying – Is your student able to use what has been taught in a new, useful manner?
  • Understanding – Is your student able to clearly explain key concepts and ideas?
  • Remembering – Can your student easily recall information?

The levels follow a hierarchy in which the three lower-tier levels are considered to be more basic than those above them, providing educators a path to help guide students from primary to more complex learning concepts.

In Part 2 of this series, we’ll discuss how applying Bloom’s Taxonomy in assessment can help educators take a deeper look into learning and drive academic achievement for students and programs overall.

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