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Creating and Implementing Security Settings for Computer-Based Testing

April 14, 2016

Recently Michelle Cruz, senior graduate program associate, Oregon Health and Sciences University School of Nursing, discussed her department’s experience with the implementation of secure computer-based testing in her webinar, “Creating and Implementing Security Settings for Computer-Based Testing.”

The key takeaways from her presentation include:

  1. Computer-based testing offers benefits including analytics, ease of modifications, adaptability for distance education, maintenance of electronic records and historical performance, as well as the fact that most licensure exams are now computer-based.  
  2. Faculty buy-in is contingent upon support and access to resources during the transition to computer-based testing.
  3. Students' software should be updated before taking exams to avoid issues with embedded multimedia.


Cruz’s presentation provides helpful tips that allow educators and students to take advantage of ExamSoft’s ability to offer secure testing. She also previews her upcoming webinar, which focuses on secure testing in distance learning environments.

“The system can be catered to various needs, which makes it very dynamic in the way that you use it.”

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