Unpacking Eight Years of ExamSoft Growth

November 8, 2017 Mitchell Law

The previous eights years have seen institutions continue to push educators to actively track and measure student performance for data-driven educational decision-making. This focus on assessment has led Examsoft to immense growth during the same period. Today, more than 1,300 educational institutions worldwide use ExamSoft’s assessment software to help positively affect student learning and programmatic effectiveness. Widespread adoption of assessment software over the last eight years brings to light the tremendous impact that ExamSoft’s solution is having on education.



Over the last eight years, ExamSoft has seen its nursing client totals increase from 8 programs to 360—an increase of a mind-boggling 4,400 percent. Why have so many nursing programs adopted ExamSoft’s software? Because ExamSoft’s robust assessment platform allows nursing educators to “tag” exam questions to NCLEX client needs, enabling nursing programs to strategically target at-risk students for support and remediation. Tagging exam items provides nursing educators a way to assess students on specific topics that they will face on their NCLEX examinations and, if necessary, intervene early.

An example of this use-case and client success is the Texas State Technical College–West Texas (TSTC-WT) LVN to ADN Nursing Program. During its first year of implementation, the TSTC-WT LVN to ADN Nursing Program achieved a 100 percent NCLEX pass rate. When taking these kinds of results into account, it becomes clear why so many nursing programs have begun using ExamSoft.

“ExamSoft has seen its nursing client totals increase from 8 programs to 360—an increase of a mind-boggling 4,400 percent.”


Health Sciences

Similar to nursing, more and more health science programs are beginning to use ExamSoft as their assessment solution. From 2010 to today, ExamSoft has gone from 264 health science clients to 1036—a respectable 292.42 percent increase. Many health science programs, like New York Chiropractic College, for example, have turned to ExamSoft for our rubrics tool. Rubrics from ExamSoft provides health science educators a more efficient way to assess clinical examinations like OSCEs, essays, and other more subjective types of assessment. Rubrics allows educators to “tag” rubric dimensions to learning objectives and then run real-time performance reports, providing immediate feedback to students.

Richard E. Murphy, Director of Tufts Physician Assistant Program, found a different benefit to using ExamSoft’s assessment platform. He calculated that the school was saving $4,217 on paper examinations per each 30-student cohort over a 25-month period. With this kind of return on investment, we anticipate that even more health science programs will turn to ExamSoft for their assessment solution.



When gauging ExamSoft’s recent growth, one of the biggest surprises is the number of international educational institutions that have begun using ExamSoft. In 2010, ExamSoft had only 5 non-US clients, but fast-forward to today, and you see that this number has increased to 96, an increase of 1820 percent. Why is ExamSoft’s assessment platform gaining so much popularity with international institutions?

Five words: offline, computer-based testing platform.

ExamSoft offers a completely locked-down testing application that keeps students off the Internet and other programs on their devices. ExamSoft’s testing application doesn’t just offer educational programs an incredibly high level of testing security; it also offers them the flexibility to deliver exams on many different mobile devices, including MacBooks, PC laptops, iPads, and Surface Pros. With the sharp rise of ExamSoft international adoption over the last eight years, it’s becoming clear that many schools outside of the United States have begun to look for a solution to their secure testing needs.


While K-12 hasn’t been ExamSoft’s leading sector of growth, we have still seen a 433 percent increase in K-12 clients over five years. Many private K-12 programs have found that ExamSoft’s testing platform substantially simplified the entire testing process. With ExamSoft, K-12 educators don’t have to worry about lugging around paper or hand-grading exams because our easy-to-use assessment platform houses questions, delivers assessments, and instantly scores assessments. K-12 faculty and administrators are some of the most overworked and overburdened professionals in all of academia, but with ExamSoft’s assessment platform, teachers and administrators can focus more of their time on what they do best: teaching, motivating, and supporting students for academic success.  

The increased adoption of ExamSoft’s assessment platform by educational institutions worldwide represents a clear shift in the way educators are looking to assess their students. Educational institutions are searching for a data-driven, efficient, and secure way to assess their students, and ExamSoft’s one-stop assessment platform gives them exactly what they are looking for.

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