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Top 10 “Must Do's” for Implementing an Assessment Process in Your Program

March 30, 2016

Presented by Dr. Kyumin Whang, Associate Professor, The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, School of Dentistry

Dr. Whang shared his department’s best practices for ExamSoft implementation as well as procedure suggestions for successful adoption and continued use in his webinar, “Top 10 ‘Must Dos’ for Implementing an Assessment Process in Your Program.” He currently conducts research in the area of dental materials, is a course director for Biomaterials 1 and 2 for first- and second-year dental students, and is the point person in implementing ExamSoft in the School of Dentistry.

The key takeaways from his presentation include:

  1. Find a technology champion (preferably faculty) and let him or her motivate other ExamSoft users.
  2. Make sure you have good technology and assessment processes in place prior to implementation, but make sure they are flexible enough to pivot when needed.
  3. Gain buy-in from faculty and students alike by sharing the benefits of the technology up front.

Dr. Whang’s presentation provides helpful tips to ensure an implementation experience that, while not without its grievances, is as painless as possible for all parties involved. He lends his expertise regarding the coordination of training sessions, multi-faculty software use, and easing fears associated with making the switch to a new technology.

“You can save a lot of time, energy, and heartache by placing a few key processes in place before rolling out any type of new assessment technology.”

To view a PDF copy of the presentation, please click here

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