Why ExamSoft Is Growing in Popularity at Schools Across the Globe

April 14, 2016 Kristen Hicks


The use of computer-based testing has been growing for some time in the United States as more and more colleges realize the enhanced security, savings, and environmental benefits it offers (just to name a few). There’s a definite shift happening in higher education toward doing more on computers and tablets. It simply makes sense for exams to be a part of that transition.

That shift isn’t happening only in the United States. At schools all around the world, many (if not most) students and professors do much of their work from smartphones, tablets, and computers. Naturally, this larger transition is leading to a growing interest in computer-based testing for more schools at the global level as well.

It’s little surprise that in recent months, several global schools have started using computer-based testing with ExamSoft.

Welcome to ExamSoft’s New Global Clients

We’re always pleased when new customers come on board, but we’d especially like to welcome the schools from outside the United States that are starting to see the benefits ExamSoft provides.

University of Queensland School of Medicine 

Our first Australian client decided to invest in ExamSoft as a way to streamline the processes it uses for testing and assessment. It plans to use the detailed assessment analytics that ExamSoft provides to offer stronger feedback that can help students prepare more effectively for clinical practice.  

Alfaisal University College of Medicine 

Our first customer from Saudi Arabia, Alfaisal University, chose to start using computer-based testing with ExamSoft to employ the comprehensive exam analytics and reporting capabilities the product provides. You can certainly get exam data from pen-and-paper testing, but it takes an awful lot more work.

With ExamSoft, the reporting is always automated, easy to understand, and straightforward to deliver useful feedback to students. Alfaisal plans to distribute reports to students that allow them to craft a more self-directed form of study based on their strengths and weaknesses.

University of Buckingham Medical School 

Finally, the University of Buckingham’s Medical School in the UK joined the ranks of institutions using computer-based testing due to a desire to simplify exam creation with an item-banking tool, and strengthen its tests using the kind of item and exam analytics ExamSoft provides.  

The Benefits of ExamSoft for Global Medical Schools

You may have noticed that the schools on that list all happen to be medical schools. Medical schools aren’t the only global programs that can benefit from computer-based testing, but it does offer some pretty compelling benefits for them in particular. ExamSoft has long been used by some of the most prestigious medical schools here in the United States for a reason.

In particular:

  • ExamSoft makes it possible to more easily evaluate and collect assessment data on things such as clinicals with the use of rubrics.

  • Offline computer-based testing allows for more security in the testing environment—no school wants to confer degrees to doctors who are unprepared due to cheating.

  • The assessment data you get from ExamSoft makes it easier to provide students with the kind of detailed, useful feedback that will ensure they’re prepared for licensing exams and, more importantly, their careers.

ExamSoft may not have made it into all the medical schools in the world yet, but the tide is definitely heading toward widespread adoption of computer-based testing. If your school is ready to take the plunge, we’re ready to work with you.

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