Make Testing Easier by Allowing Mobile Options

September 30, 2014 Kristen Hicks

Mobile devices became an integral part of just about everyone’s life within a shockingly short amount of time. Today, many colleges have gone so far as to require or provide iPads for every student. In fact, Apple announced this summer that it’s sold 13 million iPads to educational institutions. Some sources insist that tablets are a better buy for college students than laptops (although the opinion isn’t universal). If most (or all) of your students are using mobile devices already, why shouldn’t they be an option for test taking?

Mobile Eases Testing Infrastructure Issues

Whether the alternative is printing out paper tests and dealing with stacks of Scantrons or taking a class trip over to a (hopefully large enough) computer lab, there’s a cost and inconvenience involved with administering tests in other formats. If students can choose between desktops, laptops, or mobile devices for testing, many of those infrastructure issues no longer apply. In addition, if you’re sick of dealing with stacks of paper, bringing the whole process online will make your life that much easier, and if your computer lab is too small, no problem; students can take tests on their own devices.

Security Is Not an Issue

If the idea of students taking a test on their own devices makes you nervous, don’t worry. ExamSoft’s iPad-testing option makes certain that students won’t have access to the Internet or any other apps while they’re taking a test. Only after the test has been completed and submitted can they get back to checking their email accounts and watching cat videos.

No WiFi? No Problem

It’s hard now to remember the days when life didn’t completely stop whenever there was an Internet problem. Well, with ExamSoft, your Internet can go out entirely or be slowed by an overtaxed network without any consequences to test taking.

Since ExamSoft intentionally moves the testing process offline for security purposes and to account for any Internet issues, the only time you and your students will need Internet access is to download tests and to submit them once they have been completed.

Students Find It Easy

None of this would matter much if students hated it, but when the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences did an evaluation of how students responded to computer-based testing the year that all students were given iPads, the results were positive. While the students had some concerns in the beginning, once they gave computer-based testing a try, they found it was easy to use, and most came to prefer it to the traditional pen-and-paper testing option.

When all is said and done, using mobile devices for testing can make life easier for you and your students.


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