Three Ways to Get Your Boss On Board for EAC

February 14, 2018

You’ve really been thinking about being a part of the ExamSoft Assessment Conference (EAC) in Fort Lauderdale this summer. You love the beach, the ocean air, and being around your assessment people. You have June 27-29 marked on your calendar. Now all you have to do is convince your boss to free up the funds to get you there.

Before you knock on your boss’s door with your big ask, here’s some ammunition to convince him or her that not only is EAC worth it, but it would also be a terrible thing to miss.

You’re Going to Have a Lot of Knowledge and Insight to Bring Back to Your School

If you’ve previously attended EAC, you know that you will learn so much about cutting-edge assessment practices using technology. You will hear from global leaders in assessment and learn about current trends and issues aimed at improving educational outcomes.

EAC is a place where you will feel invested in. What you learn this summer will benefit your students, institution, and profession for years to come.

On top of that, what you learn in Fort Lauderdale doesn’t just stop with you— that new-found knowledge can be passed on to other faculty and staff members through faculty development, workshops, and old-fashioned talk around the water cooler.

EAC is more than a conference that you attend; it’s an investment in your institution.

You’re Going to Network with People Who Will Make You Even Better

Collaboration is a hallmark of academia, and the networking opportunities at EAC take what’s possible to a whole new level. Not only will you get to rub shoulders with assessment professionals from all over the world; you will also mix with professionals from other disciplines than your own.

When you’re surrounded by educators from veterinary, physical therapy, pharmacy, medicine, nursing, dental, law, undergrad, K12, and more, the cross-pollination of assessment ideas and strategies is like no other conference.

Sure, you’ll get to meet tons of amazing people just like you while eating great food and enjoying receptions on the backdrop of Florida’s picturesque beaches, but your boss may not shell out cash if you say you need to get your feet in the sand.

Talk to your boss about the collaborative opportunities, assessment strategies, and learning best practices that you will get to engage in from some of the most prestigious institutions in your field. Bosses like that kind of talk.

You’re Going to Have Experts On-Site to Help You Get the Most Out of ExamSoft

Sure, you can call the expert staff at ExamSoft anytime, but at EAC you will have them physically with you at the on-site ExamSoft Help Desk and Quick Fix Office. No matter how simple or complex your question may be, our knowledgeable support teams will be ready to help!

Available at convenient times during the conference, these support centers will be the perfect place to ask questions and learn how to get even more from ExamSoft. The ExamSoft Help Desk will be open in reservable 20-minute blocks for in-depth support, and our Quick Fix Office is perfect for simple questions and speedy answers—no appointment necessary!

So, bring your questions like “How would you…” or “What are other schools doing with…” and let our awesome staff take care of any questions you have face-to-face!

Make EAC Happen

With everything we have in store for EAC 2018, this year’s conference is going to be something you won’t want to miss!

While this post takes a lighthearted approach at convincing your boss to shell out the cash for this event, know that ExamSoft is very serious about the value we plan to provide our EAC attendees. We truly want to help you improve educational outcomes at your institution and help better prepare your students for post-graduation success.

We believe in what you do, and we want to invest in you so that you can invest in your institution and the future of your profession.

What boss could argue with that?

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