The ExamSoft Help Desk and Quick Fix Office Are Back for EAC 2018

February 26, 2018 Mallory Stein

Educators planning to attend the fourth annual ExamSoft Assessment Conference (EAC) in Fort Lauderdale can rejoice because the ExamSoft Help Desk and Quick Fix Office are returning this June! No matter how simple or complex your ExamSoft question may be, our knowledgeable support teams will be ready to help!

We know you’ll be busy spending most of your time attending the fantastic sessions during the conference, so we made sure that the ExamSoft Help Desk and Quick Fix Office will be open at key times during all three days of the conference, including during breakfasts, lunches, and breaks.

The ExamSoft Help Desk

Have a tough question that is complex and difficult to explain? Don’t sweat it, because you can bring that question right over to our help desk doctors who will be ready to help you diagnose and treat even the most difficult ExamSoft question! Our experts will be tackling questions in 20-minute scheduled sessions—which you can schedule via the EAC 2018 app on iOS or Android devices, or, simply swing by the desk to set up your appointment in person!

The ExamSoft Quick Fix Office

Picture this: You just got out of an amazing session on promoting student engagement through assessment, and now you have a burning question about ExamSoft’s embedded-assessment platform. You want to ask the ExamSoft Help Desk, but you don’t necessarily need a 20-minute session to get an answer to your simple question. Not to worry! The ExamSoft Quick Fix Office is available for attendees who have simple questions that need speedy answers. No appointment needed—just bring your question by, and our knowledgeable staff will help you with the solution.

A Few Things to Consider to Help Your Appointment Go as Smoothly as Possible

  1. If you’re heading to the ExamSoft Help Desk and Quick Fix Office with a software related problem or an issue, there are a few things to bring with you and have prepared:
  2. Have questions and examples of specific issues ready beforehand. To get the best solution for that little problem you ran into last semester, ExamSoft experts will need all the available context that surrounds the issue.  
  3. Bring the device you would normally use when operating ExamSoft. We will be sure to have both personal computers and iPads available to demonstrate step-by-step solutions for software issues; however, some issues will be best addressed using the same device on which the issue originated.

Whether the question or issue is big, small, complex, or simple, take the time to get the personal support you want during a Help Desk or Quick Fix Office session at EAC. ExamSoft is here to help, always. We will see you at the beach this June!  


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