Why ExamSoft’s Technology Is Valuable for Medical Schools

September 3, 2014 Kristen Hicks

There’s a reason ExamSoft is used by 60 percent of the medical schools in the United States. An innovative embedded-assessment system, enhanced exam security, tools that make grading easier—actually, there are quite a few reasons. In fact, ExamSoft includes several features that are particularly useful for medical schools.


In medical school, students spend some of their time in a classroom, but they also spend time on site at hospitals, working in labs, or moving from one station to the next for their OSCEs. Whatever the particular scenario surrounding the assignment of the day, ExamSoft can be used on iPads for convenient portability for professors and students.

No Costly Infrastructure

Medical equipment is expensive. You already have to deal with big costs when it comes to keeping your school equipped with the latest technology required for modern-day medical training.

The testing functionality and assessment benefits of ExamSoft don’t require an extensive and pricey technological infrastructure. ExamSoft can be downloaded and used on any computer and iPad, which means you and your students probably already have the technology needed for it.

Valuable Data for Board Exams

At Ohio State University, the medical school used ExamSoft to tag test questions and other assignments based on the skills and knowledge categories most important to passing the board exam. That helped to provide faculty members with the data they needed to clearly identify which students were at risk of failure.

Each of the at-risk students was offered some extra help based on his or her particular needs, and every student who accepted the help passed the board exam. Conversely, the few that chose not to accept additional help failed it, proving just how important focused student-remediation efforts can be to academic success.

If your medical program already has access to ExamSoft, consider whether you’re currently getting the best use out of it. If you haven’t made the investment yet, let us give you a tour of the software so you can see why you should.


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