Top 7 Reasons to Kick Off the New Year with Computer-Based Testing

January 6, 2016 Kristen Hicks

The start of a new year (and semester) is always a good opportunity to think about ways to improve. While you likely already have personal New Year’s resolutions in mind, your school may benefit from making one of its own. If you haven’t yet embraced computer-based testing, now is a good time to analyze how it can benefit you, your faculty, and your students.

  1. It gets your students used to computer-based testing before taking their licensing exams.
    The day your students take a licensing exam will be one of the most important and challenging days of their lives. One of the biggest jobs your program has is to make sure students are prepared for it. Mostly that means equipping them with the knowledge they need, but it can also mean helping them get used to the process of taking the test. If your students are familiar with computer-based testing well in advance, that’s one less stressor to worry about on test day.
  2. While it does require an investment, it can actually save you money in the long term.
    One of the big reasons schools hesitate to invest in computer-based testing, even if they’re aware of the benefits, is cost. Institutions of higher education all have budgets to think about, and all too often the budgets are tight and conversations on where money should be spent are contentious. Yet, when all factors are considered, computer-based testing can actually save you money.
  3. It can be a powerful tool for raising graduation rates.
    Falling graduation rates are a huge concern for today’s colleges. The college degree you so strongly believe in won’t pay off for your students if they can’t make it to graduation day. With the help of assessment analytics, faculty and administrators can better recognize when students need help and take the necessary steps to provide them what they need to stick with their studies to the end.
  4. It adds convenience for students, as they can use their own devices.
    Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is big on many campuses, and computer-based testing can work seamlessly within your BYOD program if you go with the right exam software.  ExamSoft is compatible with all computers and can also work on iPads, making it possible for many students to use their own devices during testing.
  5. Offline computer-based testing is completely secure.
    Some faculty may worry that online exams will come with added security risks. Tech-savvy students could try to hack the system or find ways to look up answers on the web while in the midst of an exam. That’s why ExamSoft takes exams offline. The testing is secure, your systems aren’t overtaxed, and your exams can be administered without a hitch.
  6. Your faculty can include helpful multimedia in their exams.
    Many subjects are just too visual or audible for text-based exams to make sense. ExamSoft makes it easy to embed multimedia into your exams, so you can better test the wide range of knowledge your students should be learning.
  7. They help with new (and likely soon-to-come) accreditation requirements.
    Accreditation standards are always evolving. Many of them are moving in the direction of requiring more assessment data to better gauge student success. Computer-based testing gives your school an opportunity to more easily track and organize that data in real time, so you have it when the accreditors come calling.

The right exam software can help you with many of the challenges you face now. If your administration is ready to adopt computer-based testing as one of your New Year’s resolutions, we can help you get set up.


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