EAC 2018 for Health Science Educators

April 6, 2018


It may be hard to believe, but EAC 2018 will be here before you know it! Time waits for no health professions educator.


Perhaps you’re having a little trouble deciding whether you should attend the ExamSoft Assessment Conference this year? Allow us to help—ExamSoft’s fourth annual assessment conference will feature sessions geared toward health sciences programs that are designed for you to return to your institution not just as a more informed health science academic but as a valuable asset to your program’s assessment process overall.


Get a glimpse of a few of the sessions we’ve scheduled to help health science educators return to their programs with a wealth of new knowledge to encourage and support learning improvement through innovative assessment techniques:


Impact of Student Critical Reflection on Learning Habits Using S&O Exam Performance Reports

Aimee Strang, PharmD, MS-HPEd; Gina Garrison, PharmD, Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences


Comparing Skills-Based Assessments across Disciplines Using Professional Licensure Exam Blueprints

Carla Hernandez, MS; Anthony Marziliano, MS; Marc Gillespie, PhD, St. John’s University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences


Stuck in a Rut—Using ExamSoft Tools in a New Way

Paige Corder, EdD; Andrea Gordon, MEd; Emily Morehead, University of North Texas Health Science Center


Item Banking in ExamSoft for Accreditation and Program Evaluation

Sarah McBrien, MS, University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Allied Health Professions


Leveraging ExamSoft Categories to Drive Curricular Improvements

Marcy Hernick, PhD, Medicinal Chemistry, Appalachian College of Pharmacy


Check out information on other conference sessions that you and your fellow health science educators will find useful here. Also, purchase tickets for EAC 2018 while they’re still available.


We’re elated for you to join us this June for an unmatched assessment training experience that will not only include the sessions mentioned above but also networking opportunities with your assessment peers in Sunny Fort Lauderdale.


See you soon!

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