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May 18, 2016 Kristen Hicks

High school’s more competitive than it’s ever been before. Any way you can give your high school students an edge today will translate to better college options and better job options in their lives after school.

While funding at your school may be limited, one thing you can do immediately to improve student learning outcomes is consider an investment in ExamSoft.

Just to be clear, we know that many teachers are fed up with the implication that technology can offer some magical solution to the problems high schools face. Computer-based testing isn’t magic, but it is a tool that can help make teachers’ lives easier while empowering them with detailed information on how students are doing and the specific types of help they need most.

ExamSoft’s value isn’t hypothetical. Other high schools have already seen what it can do for teachers and students. Here’s a collection of resources we’ve put together based on their experiences.


Implementing ExamSoft at Bergen Catholic High School

Bergen Catholic High School started using ExamSoft for exam administration as part of its larger movement toward 1:1 iPad learning. The school has been happy with the whole transition, but is specifically pleased with the results it’s gotten from ExamSoft. In this short video, Brother Christopher Hall talks about how ExamSoft’s offline functionality provides convenience, how it helps save teachers time during exam administration, and how easy the transition to using ExamSoft was.  

Secure Computer-Based Testing with ExamSoft

Are you worried about cheating? With more than 75% of students admitting they’ve cheated in the past, high school administrators and teachers unfortunately have to be concerned about the possibility. This video covers some of the basics about how ExamSoft can help reduce cheating. 

Blog Posts

3 Ways ExamSoft Helps Produce Better Prepared College Students

Many of your students have one primary concern in their high school years: college. They want to do well on their SATs and ACTs and score a high enough GPA to have their pick of schools. In the meantime, you want to help them achieve those things but also make sure they have the skills required to be good college students once they get there. This post covers how ExamSoft can help.

The Process: Deploying an Electronic Testing Software at Bergen Catholic High School

We’ve already heard a little about the results Bergen Catholic High School received from implementing ExamSoft in the video above, but this post demonstrates how the school went about introducing it. Learn some tips on how to get teachers on board, help students learn the software, and ease everyone into a new process that yields results for all.


Introducing ExamSoft in a 1:1 High School Setting

Now that you’re ready to learn more of the details, we have a webinar from Maggie Miskowicz from Saint Viator High School that discusses the implementation process at the school, as well as the results it’s seen since implementing ExamSoft.

That should give you a pretty good introduction to the product and what it means for high schools across the country that have already taken the plunge into using ExamSoft. Every high school is different, though. If you want a more specific picture of what ExamSoft can do at your school, all you have to do is ask. Get in touch for a demo, and we’ll walk you through everything you need to know.


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