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September 23, 2015 Kristen Hicks

Educators know better than anyone that there’s always more to learn. Every semester you aim to grow and improve as an instructor to better benefit the students next semester. In some ways, technology makes that effort harder—it means you have more to learn and more information to teach your students. In many other ways, however, technology can make your work easier, as long as you find the time to learn what tools are available and how to use them.

Many dental education programs are already using ExamSoft to make testing and grading easier and to better collect helpful assessment data. What these programs have learned along the way can help guide your college to do the same. To help simplify your research, we’ve collected some resources outlining their experiences and takeaways.

Webinar: Empowering Faculty and IT with Easy-to-Use, Powerful Assessment Software

Faculty members are often resistant to assessment—it can seem like one more thing to deal with on an already too long to-do list. Using the right technology, however, can mean that assessment efforts make their lives easier rather than harder. In this webinar, Richard Halpin of the University of Texas Health Science Center School of Dentistry talks about the ways the faculty use ExamSoft to get more out of assessment (without adding more to their workloads).

Webinar: Tips from the Trenches: Faculty Implementation of ExamSoft in a Dental School

For faculty members to reach the point where assessment software makes their lives easier, they and you have to get through the implementation process first. Dr. Kyumin Whang from the Department of Comprehensive Dentistry at the University of Texas Health Science Center goes into detail about how they implemented ExamSoft in their dental school, describing the ways they made the process easier.

Blog Post: Gaining Programmatic Momentum with Rubric Evaluations

While some dental programs use ExamSoft predominantly for administering exams, the rubrics feature provides some of the same benefits for grading and collecting assessment data for clinical exams, OSCEs, essays, presentations, and any other type of assignment you regularly use. Jayzona Alberto from the Western University of Health Sciences – College of Dental Medicine describes how using rubrics has worked in their program.

Blog Post: Implementation and Faculty Onboarding—A Success Story

It never hurts to gain a second perspective on a topic, so this blog post describes how a second dental program handled the implementation process. Lisa Nelsen from Loma Linda University School of Dentistry discusses introducing the new assessment software to faculty members, bringing students into the implementation process for feedback, and the ultimate (successful) results.

Case Study: Saving Time and Empowering Faculty and IT with an Easier, Smarter Testing Solution

This case study describes the process and results of introducing ExamSoft to the University of Texas Health Science Center to improve the dental program’s assessment and reporting. The school found that the faculty liked using the testing software and that it reduced the time they spent on exams by 34%.

If you’d like to learn more about how ExamSoft could be used in your school’s dental program, we have staff members happy to walk you through how it works and what it does. Just get in touch.


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