Using Embedded Assessment to Meet Nursing Program Accreditation Standards

November 9, 2016 Christy Terry

If your nursing program is only using computer-based testing software to administer exams, you could be missing out on crucial data designed to help prove that your students are getting the education they deserve.

ExamSoft helps nursing programs demonstrate that they’re meeting accreditation standards with a category feature that allows educators to tag exam questions with specific learning objectives to ensure that they are being met. The key, however, is to make sure that your program is using this unique function effectively.

Using Categories to Support the Accreditation Process

Don’t Wait until It’s Too Late

It’s important that your nursing program thoroughly collects data in an effort to provide accurate information to accrediting bodies. Therefore, you’ll want to set up categories that are tied to accreditation standards at the beginning of the semester. This makes the process much easier in the long run and gives accreditors a broad view of how your students learn.

Use Data Analysis to Your Benefit

One of ExamSoft’s greatest benefits is its ability to provide specific performance reports at the individual course and programmatic level. Not only will these reports help with easing the accreditation process itself, they also allow educators to note weak areas in student learning early on and address them quickly enough to make the necessary improvements to meet accreditation standards.

Present the Proof

Once you’ve taken the time to properly tag exams and make adjustments based on in-depth data analysis, all that’s left to do is present your program’s performance to accreditors. Gone are the days of faculty and administrators scrambling to decipher how data correlates to your curriculum. ExamSoft takes care of that with easily digestible reports that show accrediting bodies that your nursing program has what it takes to produce quality nursing professionals.

Bottom line? If the same software that creates efficient exam management for nursing faculty also delivers the statistics that can help keep nursing programs in operation, why not take advantage of those benefits? After all, putting detailed data to good use doesn’t just support student improvement, it also creates a quality learning environment for everyone involved.
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