Leveraging Technological Tools to Optimize Assessment in Higher Education

December 19, 2017 Mitchell Law


The rapid evolution of technology over the previous forty years has driven educational programs to question how they can leverage newly innovated technologies to optimize the assessment process. It’s no mystery that educators and assessment administrators are incredibly overworked, but with the right technological tools, they can streamline the entire assessment process, making their lives a lot easier and more efficient in the long run.

A Simple Way to Manage Assessment

When trying to manage the substantial workload that teachers are responsible for, optimization and efficiency are key. ExamSoft’s embedded-assessment platform was created specifically to minimize this workload for educators by streamlining the entire assessment process into a single platform. Having the ability to use a single intuitive platform for question banking, exam creation, hosting, grading, and reporting means less time managing assessments and more time for teaching.

Import and Transfer Exam Questions Painlessly

When it comes to computer-based testing and learning management systems (LMS), one of the more annoying tasks that educators and assessment administrators face is manually entering exam questions into whichever type of software is being used. With ExamSoft’s assessment platform, users can import questions easily and efficiently—no more late nights spent finishing that final exam. Import your questions with ease from Word, Excel, or even an LMS. ExamSoft has integrated exam question import solutions for Blackboard, D2L, Moodle, Canvas, Respondus, ExamView, Elsevier, and LXR.

Effortless Computation of Exam, Item, and Distractor Level Statistics

Assessing the reliability of exam questions is an important but difficult task for educators and assessment administrators. Thankfully, ExamSoft’s embedded-assessment platform can compute important test statistics automatically after every assessment—from exam level statistics like KR20, Stdev, Mean, Median, Min, Max, Diff(p), and Discrimination index, to item and distractor level statistics like point biserial, average answer time, upper 27%, and lower 27%. Complex statistical computations at the touch of a button means more time for educators to focus on what’s important: supporting and developing their students.

Tracking, Measuring, and Reporting for Accreditation   

The day is marked on every educator’s calendar: accreditation site visit. With ExamSoft’s embedded-assessment platform, educators and administrators can track and measure what they say they are teaching, then run detailed and easy-to-digest reports to give accreditors the evidence they need to see alignment between learning outcomes, subjects taught, and assessments given in a course.

Assessment Blueprinting Made Easy

Preparing students for licensure or board exams is no small feat for educational programs, but with solid assessment blueprints, students can be more adequately prepared. ExamSoft’s embedded-assessment platform provides educators and administrators with the technology to map out an exact assessment blueprint for specific licensure or board exam topics and competencies—helping to ensure students will be ready on licensure or board exam day.   

Efficiency and optimization are the end goals for educators because when teachers are spending the majority of their time managing and developing the assessment process, students receive less support. ExamSoft’s embedded-assessment platform gives educators the all-encompassing tool that does the heavy lifting—allowing them to focus on what we know is most important: the students.

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