Telling your Assessment Story with ExamSoft Data

August 30, 2017

Strategies to Prevent and Identify Academic Dishonesty

Recently, Ashley Castleberry, Director of Assessment and Assistant Professor for the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences College of Pharmacy, discussed ways to use assessment data to impact student learning and achieve learning outcomes using ExamSoft's assessment application.

The key takeaways from his presentation include:

  1. Achievement of student learning outcomes at multiple levels; student, course, cohort, and curriculum. Longitudinal data created from ExamSoft reporting shows the changes in student success giving faculty the necessary information to make course and curriculum adjustments.

  2. Successful QA/QI processes involves making adjustments to curriculum maps in order to achieve desired student learning outcomes. A curriculum map should coincide with ExamSoft item mapping for optimal course alignment.

  3. Faculty development depends on assessment evidence associated with the item writing, item content, item stats interpretation, curriculum map alignment, and teaching methods. This kind of development requires meaningful mapping and recording of assessment data.

Everyone loves a good story. Stories are memorable. Stories are powerful. Our assessment data can tell a story. Accreditors want us to present to them a story of how our assessment data is impacting student learning and prompting change. This webinar will explore ways to use ExamSoft data to tell your assessment story of achieving learning outcomes, developing faculty, and implementing successful QA/QI processes.

“The accreditors want to know that you are teaching what you say you are teaching. We can use ExamSoft software data to show what we are teaching and how the students are performing according to the curriculum map."

To view a PDF copy of the presentation, please click here.


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