Using ExamSoft to Facilitate Active Retrieval and Promote Student Success - 03.29.17

February 3, 2017 Jacob Catalano
Upcoming Webinar
Date/Time: Wednesday, March 29, 2:00pm - 3:00pm ET
Speakers: David Caldwell, Director of Professional Affairs, and Elizabeth Lafitte, Assistant Professor, both from University of Louisiana Monroe School of Pharmacy

Active retrieval is an evidence-based study strategy that may function as a formative assessment of student knowledge, but also promotes long-term knowledge retention. The theory of active retrieval posits that using an active study method of self-quizzing over passive study methods, such as re-studying or re-reading material enhances knowledge retention. Active retrieval can also be used as a metacognitive strategy to enhance learning. ExamSoft allows students to participate in self-quizzes and receive feedback on their performance using secure review that provides students with question rationale. Longitudinal reporting through ExamSoft allows the faculty who are facilitating active retrieval to access information regarding multiple downloads and student performance. The presenters will provide participants with an overview of their implementation of an active retrieval exercise utilizing ExamSoft and its benefits in a first year Doctor of Pharmacy course.

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Presented by: Dr. David Caldwell is a member of the clinical faculty and the Director of Professional affairs at ULM. Before moving into the office of Student and Professional Affairs, he practiced as an HIV pharmacist for 8 years. In his current role, he counsels academically at-risk students, facilitates the early intervention program, and serves as the enrollment manager for the school of pharmacy.

Dr. Lafitte is a 2010 graduate of Harrison School of Pharmacy at Auburn University. She completed a post graduate pharmacy practice residency at LSU Health Sciences Center in Shreveport, Louisiana. After completion of her residency, she worked in a community hospital as a clinical pharmacist for 3 years before transitioning into academia. Her interests in the scholarship of teaching and learning include identifying predictors of academic success among pharmacy applicants and the use of innovative techniques to support student success.



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