ExamSoft Outcomes: Planning, Goals, and Implementation of a New CBT/Assessment Model

January 10, 2017
Presented by Evan Sanders, Associate Director of Curriculum Services, Teaching and Learning Technologies, Harvard Medical School/Program in Medical Education Using Harvard Medical School as a case study, Evan Sanders will discuss strategies for adopting a computer-based testing (CBT) platform. The importance of buy-in from stakeholders, understanding the product, identifying a realistic timeline and engaging faculty and staff will be topics of focus. This presentation will be delivered from the perspective of support and educational technology staff, but will address curricular and faculty goals in addition to administrative considerations. In this session, we will also consider how to overcome factors that may inhibit the adoption of a CBT platform. It may be necessary for certain institutions to work in phases; this webinar will include an interactive discussion about identifying and balancing short- and long-term CBT goals.

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ExamSoft for Low-stakes, Formative Tests and Quizzes
ExamSoft for Low-stakes, Formative Tests and Quizzes

Presented by Donna K Czarnecki, Lead CBT, Data, and Core Coordinator, University of Nebraska Medical Center...


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