Webinar Review: Addressing Exam Security Within an iPad Testing Environment

February 25, 2016 Stephanie Totty

Recently, Dr. Beth Ennis, Associate Professor from the Bellarmine University Department of Physical Therapy, presented a webinar chronicling her experiences with exam security within an iPad testing environment. Dr. Ennis specializes in pediatrics and assistive technology, and has lead the her program in their quest to fully utilize ExamSoft.

Here are some key takeaways from Beth’s presentation:


  1. Using ExamSoft alone is not enough to address major concerns regarding security testing security.
  2. There needs to be a balance between assessment security and providing appropriate student feedback.
  3. Security methods can be burdensome at first, but when applied consistently, they quickly become habit for all involved.


Test security is a huge issue in education programs, where the same or similar questions can often be reused from year to year. The Bellarmine University Department of Physical Therapy’s iPad testing process utilizes ExamSoft (along with several other additional measures) to address issues of test security, while still being able to provide feedback to students on their performance. Dr. Ennis also speaks to how she constructed security processes and gained faculty buy-in for the rules that were put into place.

Faculty must come to a consensus on exam security practices in order for them to work—if the cohort is on the same page and everyone follows through with the processes, the security will work. – Dr. Beth Ennis, Associate Professor, Bellarmine University Department of Physical Therapy

You can watch the entire webinar here.


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