Assessment Resources for Pharmacy Education

July 8, 2015 Kristen Hicks

During the school year, you have a thousand things pulling you in all different directions. Maybe you find the time to fit in some research and planning here and there, but never as much as you’d like. Summer is a good time to catch up. You can review what worked last year, research new things to try, and consider how to achieve even better learning outcomes next year.

For this purpose, we’ve collected some of our best resources on using assessment to improve pharmacy education so you can take in a big dose of learning before the fall semester.

Tips and Ideas for Better Assessment in Pharmacy Schools

Webinar: Demonstrating the Relevance of Assessment to Faculty
Dr. Jennifer Mathews from St. John Fisher College shares how she introduced a culture of assessment at the Wegmans School of Pharmacy. Recognizing the importance of faculty involvement, she worked hard to communicate the relevance of better assessment to them from the outset and to bring them on board with the new assessment process. If you’re faced with the challenge of earning faculty cooperation for your assessment goals, her insights can help.

Webinar: A Cost-Benefit Analysis of ExamSoft
Do you ever worry about the budget? At most (if not all) pharmacy schools, budget concerns cause a significant amount of stress. The University of Rhode Island College of Pharmacy conducted a thorough analysis of how much money they’d been spending on exam preparation, grading, storage, data analysis, and more. In this webinar, Dr. Kelly Matson and Dr. Jayne Pawasauskas discuss the numbers and compare the costs before and after implementing ExamSoft for exam administration.

Blog Post: Adapting to New Accreditation Standards
Last year’s news about the changing accreditation standards for pharmacy schools definitely made waves for everyone working in pharmacy education. Updating your assessment efforts to meet the new standards may take some work, but doing so can benefit your school in a lot of ways besides simply maintaining your accreditation status. This post provides some tips for making the change.

Case Study: Measuring and Impacting Student Learning to Fulfill Accreditation Objectives
Speaking of accreditation, Feik School of Pharmacy at the University of the Incarnate Word wanted a better way to map their teaching and assessment to the learning objectives outlined by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE). Their faculty members were spending too much time trying to analyze student performance because they didn’t have a good system for doing so. By implementing ExamSoft, they now have a better, more organized way to categorize exam questions and analyze student learning outcomes.

Give yourself a little time this summer to research what’s working for other pharmacy schools. You just might come away with some good ideas to apply to your own institution. If you have any questions or want to learn more about using ExamSoft at your pharmacy school, just get in touch.


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