• ExamSoft Fast 5: Benefits for K12 Schools

    ExamSoft Fast 5: Benefits for K12 Schools

    ExamSoft not only helps you properly manage precious teaching time, but it also makes sure that your school is providing an effective learning environment that produces quality high school graduates.

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  • ExamSoft - How it Works2:02

    ExamSoft - How it Works

    Ever wonder how the ExamSoft platform works? Here's a great look into our embedded assessment and analytics suite of software - and how it can help higher education programs with the entire assessment

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  • ExamSoft for K-12

    ExamSoft for K-12

    By providing K-12 schools with a one-stop software platform to store exam questions, create assessments, deliver secure exams, and then grade the final product, we save educators time and money.

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  • How Computer-Based Testing Saves Teachers Time

    How Computer-Based Testing Saves Teachers Time

    Computer-based testing platforms, such as ExamSoft, can help lighten the load that K-12 educators often experience by offering faster grading, easier exam administration, etc.

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  • Benefit of Using ExamSoft for Post-Exam Management2:11

    Benefit of Using ExamSoft for Post-Exam Management

    Bergen Catholic High School's Jorge Mascaro shares his post exam experience prior to using ExamSoft.

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  • ExamSoft Demonstration2:56

    ExamSoft Demonstration

    See ExamSoft in action and learn abut the one-stop assessment platform that provides real-time feedback and analytics for faculty. See how ExamSoft's solution can solve your unique challenges.

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  • Assessment Resources for High Schools

    Assessment Resources for High Schools

    High school’s more competitive than it’s ever been before. While funding at your school may be limited, one thing you can do immediately to improve student learning outcomes is consider an investment.

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  • ExamSoft Scantron Overview

    ExamSoft Scantron Overview

    While Scantron-style assessments are limited in their reporting capabilities, ExamSoft is quick to learn, and helps streamline question creation, student management, and report creation.

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  • Traditional Paper-Exam Issues0:38

    Traditional Paper-Exam Issues

    Bergen Catholic High School's Louis Faso discusses the many issues that arose when administering exams in the traditional paper and pencil format.

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  • Introducing ExamSoft in a 1:1 High School Setting46:28

    Introducing ExamSoft in a 1:1 High School Setting

    Implementing a testing software into a high school setting is quite often seen as a daunting, cumbersome process. Learn how Saint Viator High School implemented ExamSoft in a 1:1 iPad environment.

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  • SofTest M for iPad

    SofTest M for iPad

    ExamSoft is dramatically changing the way programs deliver and leverage exams. SofTest M combines the security and reliability ExamSoft is known for, with the convenience and usability of an iPad.

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  • How ExamSoft Makes the Entire Testing Process Easier0:59

    How ExamSoft Makes the Entire Testing Process Easier

    Bergen Catholic High School's Brother Christopher Hall shares the student response to ExamSoft as well as how it's implementation has promoted a less stressful exam environment.

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  • Video: Secure Computer-Based Testing with ExamSoft1:58

    Video: Secure Computer-Based Testing with ExamSoft

    A secure, and fair testing environment is important piece of the assessment process. ExamSoft can help your educational program secure the testing environment with a locked down exam platform.

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  • ExamSoft Security

    ExamSoft Security

    With multiple levels of prevention (including state-of-the-art encryption and security processes), ExamSoft can help prevent a number of “quirky” situations that might occur on test day.

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  • ExamSoft Security0:37

    ExamSoft Security

    Bergen Catholic High School's Al Spiegel shares the benefits of ExamSoft's security features.

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  • ExamSoft and your LMS

    ExamSoft and your LMS

    So your program already uses an LMS? Perfect. In fact, every client within our ExamSoft family currently uses an LMS as well. Take a look at some of the ways we work with your current LMS to mak

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  • Ensuring a Secure Testing Environment54:18

    Ensuring a Secure Testing Environment

    Digital assessment methods can provide data to help identify or corroborate academic dishonesty - but low-tech methods of security are also needed to keep the testing environment fair for everyone.

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  • Are Your Exams Secure?

    Are Your Exams Secure?

    Over 60% of students admit to have cheated at some point -- how are you making sure your high and low stakes exams are secure?

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  • Exam Security and Reliability1:29

    Exam Security and Reliability

    Bergen Catholic High School's Brother Christopher Hall shares how the school's 1:1 program has benefitted from ExamSoft's secure testing platform.

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  • ExamSoft Reporting and Analytics1:47

    ExamSoft Reporting and Analytics

    With ExamSoft's reporting capabilities your program can easily collect, aggregate, and distribute important program and institutional assessment data to all stakeholders at the touch of a button.

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