Assessment for Learning — Using ExamSoft for Formative Assessment

July 19, 2017 Dan Thompson

Did you know computer-based testing can be used as an instructional tool and not just as a summative assessment of student learning? It’s true! The quick videos below will explain three different ways ExamSoft's testing platform can be used as formative assessment tool for student learning.

Pre-class Assessment

Want to make class active? Flip, perhaps? Turn your class into active learning sessions that prompt students to engage with content in meaningful and fun ways. How? Give students content to review before coming to class while including a pre-class ExamSoft formative assessment exercise. Learn the details and educational benefits in the short video below!

Professional Clerkships/Rotations

Synchronous and asynchronous formative assessments can be used when students are out of the classroom and on rotations. In addition to improving the instructional process and student experience, formative assessments can be used to standardize content across rotations and satisfy accreditation requirements. Press play below to see how!

Team-Based Activities

Computer-based assessments can be implemented with more versatility and utility than the classic individual assessments we all know. Formative assessment can be used to engage students in collaborative, peer-driven learning. With the appropriate higher-order thinking questions and delivery, students will be on their way to interacting with content and classmates in meaningful exercises that lead to improved retention. Check it out below!

At every level of education, our primary goal is the same—to improve student outcomes. Implementing meaningful, formative assessments to drive student learning advances educators toward this goal by considerably impacting student retention. The key is to recognize that assessment is much more than a summative evaluation of student learning. It’s time to get out there and create engaging formative assessments for student learning!

About the Author

Dan  Thompson

Dan holds a Master of Science in Technology Enhanced Learning and a Bachelor of Science in Adolescent/Young Adult Education from the University of Dayton. His background as a secondary-level educator drives his research and professional interests, including the appropriate use of summative and formative assessment and how the data they produce can be used to positively impact teaching and learning. Dan currently assists faculty at Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences in course design and development, while also introducing new methods of utilizing educational technology in the curriculum to create a learner-centered environment.

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